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Fat Man Pants are an informal variety of trousers intended for comfort or athletic purposes. Often worn by students in college from mainly American branded shops.
John: I'm sick of these jeans, might lash on the old fat man pants later.
Buckley: Ah good idea John. My mother packed my bag so I don't have fat man pants with me.
by Surfingarbo June 08, 2010
25 3
Fat Man pants are elasticated, comfortable trousers worn by the more gluttonous members of society. They stretch, they're comfortable and supply a beautiful breeze whilst wearing them and going commando simultaneously. They can be worn at all events and weddings are often frequented by fat men in fat man pants.
Ricey: You hitting club trax tonight?

The Cardinal: Aye, coming straight from a wedding

Mad-fuck Hanna: Club Trax in a tux?

The Cardinal: Obviously not, I'm hitting it in my burgundy fat man pants and straw hat.
by CommanderFatManPants July 24, 2010
7 3
tracksuit bottoms with elasticated waists, designed for the more overweight. they are popular in ireland with knackers, and D4s, who wear them stuffed into Ugg boots or Dubes.
Knacker: Alri anto, nice fat man pants ya got on der
Anto: Fuck off ya bleedin homo
D4 1: Oh ma god babes, totally got myself a pair of fat man pants yesterday.
D4 2: ooooh babes! where?
D4 2: im too embarrassed to say babes. its like a total fucking descent into lower class. but there is a recession on..
D4 1: where did you get them babes?
D4 2: *blushes* Dunnes Stores.
by fatmanpants November 30, 2008
9 5