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The way in which a young, insecure and fat girl will constantly rant on very loudly about how attractive they think they are.
Cynthia: "I have gigantic tits! They're double D's!"
Leon: "Man, that Cynthia has a serious case of Fat Girl Syndrome."
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by Octopus Supremo February 14, 2006
When a girl has been fat during developing years and has no sexual attention paid on her, she subsequently wants to/will have a lot of sex when older to make up for it, essentially be sluttier
than the average girl
"Wow I didn't realize Rita is such a slut!"
"No, she just suffers from fat girl syndrome"
#fat girl syndrome #fat #girl #chubby #ugly #slut
by hotnbothered92 August 24, 2008
A variant of Ugly Duck Syndrome. The girl was fat as a child, causing them to to be starved of male attention. When they grew up, they lost the weight- thus becoming hot. As adults, they either become super sluts- even sluttier than normal sluts in order to compensate for their lack of male attention when they were younger; or they display shy behavior with a great personality.
Male 1: Oh My that Bianca Marshal?
Male 2: Yep. She lost 72lb since high school. She's f$!king hot now.
Male 1: Daammmnnn...I always used to make fun of her in class. I wonder if she'll let me into those jeans since there's a whole lot more space.
Male 2: I doubt it. She can hardly look people in the eye while talking.
Male 1: So basically, she's got UDS?
Male 2: Not exactly, I like to call it Fat Girl Syndrome.
#fat #ugly duck sybdrome #fat girl #shy #sexy
by Pink pearls January 05, 2010
Fat girl Syndrome refers to the inflated self esteem of fat bitches. They always portray themselves as much more attractive than they actually are in real life. They often wonder men don't want them, as they blindly acknowledge their weight problem. They often brag about the amount of guys that talk to them (usually only on social networking sights where myspace angles are used to the fullest. See "myspace angles" ). But really, the amount of guys that actually talk to them in real life are proportional to the amount of weight that they have "supposedly" lost since last summer. i.e. not shit. BEWARE, if you give any attention at all, they will assume your friendly actions are actually sexual advances. DO NOT! I REPEAT! DO NOT ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH GIRLS SUFFERING FROM FAT GIRL SYNDROME!
"That bitch got fat girl syndrome"
"Whats fat girl syndrome?"
"When a bitch looks like Precious but think she looks like Rihanna; a linebacker kind of bitch that should be blocking for Miami, not dancing in the club."
#fatgirl #fat bitch #whale #beached whale #fat as fuck #huge #chunky dunkin
by sidekick2flip January 27, 2011
fat girls who dont know when to stop eating.
go look at some anorexic bitches.
you have fat-girl-syndrome so you should look at my ass
#fat #obesity #anorexic #bootyz #< #because #urban #told #me #to
by imnotafatbitchthankgod April 27, 2011
When a fat/chubby girl will dress, or try acting like a pretty skinny girl trying to make herself feel as though she can be as pretty as her by dressing, looking or buying the things she imitator!!
A fat/chubby girl buying and wearing skinny jeans just because it looked good on a slimmer girl is suffering from Fat Girl Syndrome!
#fat #syndrome #skinny #imitator #girl
by KittyToKitty June 03, 2011
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