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A term coined by Louis CK as an alternative to "Cinnabon"
"I'm going to the food court, do you want anything?"

"Yeah, I'll have a fat faggot treat."

"Do you want the hot jizz on it?"

"Of course I want the hot jizz!"
by bluffalo1 January 23, 2012
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What a cinnabon should be called. Each comes with it's own cup of piping hot cum. Coined by stand-up comedian Louis C.K.
Yeah, give me a Fat Faggot Treat please...Yes with the hot cum! What, do you think I have integrity? I'm getting a cinnabon right the airport...that I arrived at! I could go home and eat real food, but I'm getting a fuckin' cinnabon, an old one too! How long have you had these laying out?
by nickreaper March 07, 2012
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A derogatory term used by Hipsters. After a long night of consuming blue moons, if a hipster feels threatened by someone they'll result to using this term.
He made fun of your cardigan..

Oh that's okay, ill just call him a fat faggot treat.. he'll shut up.
by zZzZzZz cyrus September 14, 2011
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