Top Definition
A fucking fat turd that wont flush

A fatass dark kid.

Can also be used to refer to a fat nigger.
I clogged the toilet with a fat ass brownie!

Damn that kid is a brownie!

That fat brownie stole my bike!
by Pako Delgado March 09, 2008
1. A fat, brown kid that has an inability to spell, was almost flushed down the toilet when he was born because his mom thought he was a huge turd, and is a cerote.

2. A fat turd that you are unable to flush down.
1. Damn that really fucking fatass kid just spelled honors wrong! He must be a Fat Ass Brownie!

2. I just took a brownie and now my toilet is clogged.

by Leandro Lubrico March 09, 2008
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