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pulling a fasty - (phrase) - taking a crap in the yard (front or back) instead of using the toilet (like a regular human)
My friend was kicked out of his house, i offered him a place in own place. He precedes to pull a fasty by defecating outside instead of using the toulet like a regular human.
by screamformebitch November 23, 2011
Fat- Nasty. Generally a woman but men included. Obese, lacking personal hygiene and any form of grooming standard. Closely associated with the Dependapotomus species and Tag Chasers.
Yo Brother, you know you got so drunk last night that you started hitting on a Fasty with a mustache at the bar.
by Yuck Fou! September 23, 2011
The combination of the words fat and nasty. Mostly used to put down ugly girls or fat lesbians.
"DAMNNNNN!!! That is one fasty bitch!!"
by ZackKerp April 01, 2009
A person with a low level of intelligence enrolled in what is called a fast forward program.

They smoke, smell bad, are greasy, crusty and the weather has no effect on them.
Person 1: Look at those fasties out there in the snow smoking! It must be so cold!

Person 2: Foolish niner, don't you know fasties are immune to all weather conditions?
by Roro-Retaliation October 01, 2007
describing someone who is fat and nasty
That gross girl is so fasty.
by lauraa July 23, 2006

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