Males of a DAINTY NATURE!!
Rnegade, Cthug45, Drew H.I.M.
by Bricktop May 09, 2004
done both fast and messy.
1)Man, you really fassied thru that pizza!
2)I'm gonna go home and fassy this chick, be back in an hour.
by kozknows May 25, 2008
Someone who is being a pussy and wimpin out of sumthing.
Man why are you bein such a fassy?
by Daly January 12, 2004
Fast + easy = fassy

Something that is fast and easy.
For me, writing is fassy.
by Pied_Piper415 August 31, 2008
a stupid person, someone who is really annoying
"What ya doin you fassy?"

"Ya Fassy!"
by fatface7 November 08, 2006
Of Jamaican origin
1. Faggot, homosexual, gay man, battyman
2. A man acting like a bitch, weak, wuss
1. Me no like no fassy!
Translation: I don't like faggots!

2. Stop gwaan like a fassy!
Translation: Stop acting like a little bitch
by Chad March 10, 2004
a hybrid between the two colloquialisms for vagina; fanny and pussy.
It is therefore no surpise that a fassy is girly, camp, flakey, stroppy, hormonal, anal, possibly gay and carries many womanly traits
a fassy, person who will throw a girlish strop if something is not done exactly to their taste.
a person who winges continuously
by jokes November 05, 2006

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