somone who does something to piss off another person =p usually babylon! always sticking their nose in rastaman business.

Damn you asian kids in Toronto who don't know the definition of Fassy. NO it does not mean pussy/faggot.

friggen Jafakens
That asian ute in Toronto?.. him a real rass clat fassy.
Suck you mumma!
by King Yellowman August 03, 2004
Top Definition
1. A deregatory term for someone. Someone who is irritating or has done something to offend you. The term fassy came back into popular jamaican vernacular around 1997 due to a
song with the same name on the Rae Rae riddim.
2. A misunderstood meaning is homosexual. The word was never intended to be used this way, but people who did not know what the word meant originally, created this alternative meaning for it. It is an incorrect definition.
3. (archaic) an old jamaican term meaning an itchy sore
You and your friends is fassy.
by neochin June 17, 2004
Fandom nickname for the actor Michael Fassbender
OMG Fassy is so hot!
Fassy was such a bamf in X-Men First Class!
by dustscale25 September 05, 2011
derogatory term used to describe someone or something that is of particular annoyance.
"A'it nelly u fassy"
by stokesy April 18, 2005
The whining little virgin boys who post on music forums.
Get a job and stop posting pon dnb you little fassys.
by bird December 07, 2004
Started as radio edit for the word pussy in reggae songs, and holds the same meanings/connotations, i.e. cowardice, feminine behaviour (hence the linkage with homosexuals)
Dat yute is a real fassy.
by strawdog July 30, 2003
A word used to describe someone who is weak and lacking.
Poor fassy man, he does not have the balls or intelligence to make it through college.
by Edefiner February 10, 2015
Originally meaning a scar from mosquito bite, and thus associated with disease, it came to mean homosexual (based on the incorrect assumption that all homosexuals are AIDS carriers/sufferers), and coward.
Bun fiyah pon a fassy...
by Hart March 09, 2004
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