(noun) To masturbate vigorously, while putting 3 fingers in your anus. More than 3 fingers do not constitute a fassbender.

This type of masturbation tries to explain the sexual conflict Michael Fassbender put himself into in the movie "Shame", as he engaged intercourse with both male and female partners.
1. "After that girl rejected me, I went home and had a fassbender, while I was crying and eating ice cream."

2. "Hey guys! Let's watch The Expendables and have multiple fassbenders!"
by Klourklour May 08, 2012
Top Definition
1. (verb) An attempt to seduce or entice a female into an amorous or sexual situation; often facilitated through an intense, non-verbal stare. Derived from actor Michael Fassbender's powerful performance in the 2011 film Shame.

2. (adjective) To display the qualities of Fassbendering.
1. Last night was a total success - my buddy and I Fassbendered a couple of girls at the bar and woke up in their apartment.

2. Did you see the Fassbender look that handsome guy just gave me? I know who I'm going home with tonight...
by AmericanErik January 02, 2012
The foremost description for a bearded illustrator chap named Dan. Also the surname of a home-erotic actor with a panchant for Greek Mythology
"Oi Dan you fassbender."
by ScratFish June 10, 2009
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