a person that looks asian, but actually was not born in asia.
that guy looks asian, but he's really a 4th generation american.
by eat_lightbulbs November 19, 2003
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A more than fat asian chick.
Richie: Who was waiting for their ride?
Chris: Oh it was just the fasain.
Richie: The fasain???
Chris: Yeah you know a fat asian.
by Count Dino / Weezer December 08, 2004
1. A fake Asian.

2. One of Asian decent who does not posses any of the stereotypical Asian qualities, such as liking anime, driving an import, liking Asian food, being extraordinarily gifted, or speaking his native language.
Bob: Dude, Wong-Lee is so dumb and he doesn't even drive a Honda.

Rick: Yeah, he's a total fasian.
by wongwong44 May 30, 2011
A Asian that is not a real Asian. Usually can not speak his language, use chopsticks, and is bad at math. A disgrace to his whole entire dynasty.
Man that Austin kid is one Fasian!
by ISeriouslyHaveNoFriends April 22, 2011
A white man that has eyes like an asian and looks like an asain but is not asian
Wow Adam is one sexy asian!
No he is a fasian!
by the fasian invasion March 03, 2010
An attractive person of Asian origin. A fit-asian.
Dude, check out that Indian girl, hot!
Yep, she's definitely a Fasian!
by ReemDude May 15, 2011
faux asian or fake asian

Someone who pretends to be asian, but really isn't. Usually an asian obsessed person
Person 1: "Why is jenny being such a fasian?"
Person 2: "I dunno, first she starts claiming she's from asia, then she got that hair cut like them asian girls do."
by Draconia October 16, 2008
A fit or extremely hot male of Asian origin (a very rare specimen)
Harriet: OH MA GAWD that Zayn is such a Fasian!
Jen: That Kieran Leahy ain't bad either..... Top quality Fasian right there
by iluvmommy April 25, 2011

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