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First of all, a fashion cycle is where they bring back something that was fashionable, say, 10 years ago, such as bell-bottoms, denim, platform shoes, short skirts, long skirts, the boho gypsy look etc.

Where this becomes confusing is when a cycle is re-cycled and then re-cycled again with another look, which then becomes a look unto itself.

So you could have for example, the “Hippy” look gets re-cycled 10 years later but is combined with the “Lady of the Manor” look too. Then, 10 years later the “HippyLlady of the Manor” look is re-cycled with the “Dallas meets Eskimo” look.

Someone who has the Fashion Cycle Syndrome would be so worried about having the latest look that they would look at someone, who, in reality may have not updated their wardrobe for a while except for maybe a new scarf or some accessory, had innocently gotten dressed that morning without a plan, but to whom the Fashion Cycle Syndrome sufferer will assess as not being behind or dated, but as being so far-thinking ahead that they have gone back to the beginning of another cycle which would include the dated stuff. See?

These mini-assessments are done anywhere from once a day to 20 or 30 times a day, depending on what you do and where you do it. Most women are unaware that they are even doing it as it has become so second-nature.
Fashion Cycle Syndrome sufferer's subconscious thought process – “That stuff she’s wearing is so retro it’s way ahead of me!”
by Missy M October 06, 2005

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