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Girls who go to camp just meet guys and be away from their parents for a couple of weeks. They are people who take a shower, shave their legs, put on globs of makeup, and straighten their hair everyday. These girls wear booty shorts which unfortunately give them terrible camel toes. Also they enjoy changing in front of cabin windows in hope that the boys cabin across the way will see. Later on in the night after sneaking out, they will meet up with some guy and give them a bj, even though they are 12. Oh, and at meals they will wear "war paint" which is actually just smudged glitter to mke them look like a "tribe" of middle school Ke$has.
Fashion Camper #1: YAY TRIBE 7!!!

Fashion Camper #2: Haha i love us!! ** hand heart**
by the ginger17 August 16, 2011
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