Best clothing store. "look great, spend less" fashions for misses and plus size woman at great prices
"have you been to Fashion Bug lately?"
"they have some great sales going on"
"we have to go to the bug today"
by deann8 December 26, 2009
Top Definition
A very bad clothing and acessory store that has some of the worse known fashions ever made!
Id love to meet the motherfucker who named it Fashion Bug and shove a broom up his ass! ~Tourettesguy

OMFG make it allll stop! ~Dani
by Ryu_Chan August 09, 2006
A really lame fashion store in which you buy they're really bad styles and freak out at how awesomely bad they r! Anyone into Fashion Bug..... YOU NEED LIVES!
Dani hates this store with a passion!

Id like to meet the motherfucker who named Fashion Bug and shove a broom up his ass! ~TourettesGuy
by miss dani August 08, 2006
A person who follows the stupidest trends just to feel excepted by the rest of his idiotic peers.
cool dude 1: Yo, Look at that fashion bug with the mohawk!
cool dude 2: yea i just saw 10 kids with that shit on the way here
fashionbug: hey thats my style!! Shuuut up!!!
by El bambi rojo March 15, 2007
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