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A rapper born and raised in Fresno, CA

With all the talk that hip-hop is dead, there’s no better example than Fashawn to prove that it’s certainly alive, well and being fed to a hungry new generation of Hip-Hop fans. And after listening to just 16 bars it’s evident that Fashawn is one of the hungriest. He’s a prodigal son, part of a new generation of emcees lucky enough to grow up in hip-hop’s golden era. He’s not an ’80s baby; he’s a ’90s baby. Think about that for a second. Then think about his potential.

Fashawn’s charisma and talent have placed him at the forefront of Central California's hip hop scene, steering a vibrant pack of young artists with his innovative style and originality in his music.

His content is streetwise, having grown up in rough East Fresno, hip to what’s happening in the streets but also kickin’ it with the skaters who listened to Hieroglyphics. That combination yields a street-smart rhymer who can deliver content. His lyrics are smart; keen on songwriting as well as wordplay.
"Cen Cal Terrain Soak Up Game" - Fashawn
by Tericottapie April 17, 2009

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