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A new song on DDR Supernova. Switches between 100, 200, and 400 BPM, and, at its hardest, requires hitting arrows at about 13 beats per second.
I A'd PSMO, but I failed Fascination MAXX. :'(
by your face June 19, 2006
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On of the new "10-footer" songs on DDR supernova. Extremely hard with ratings 9/9/10/10. Features eighth note streams, speed changes, and jumps.
by 5'11"Racer September 15, 2006
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A 10-foot rating song in DDR SuperNOVA that likes to fuck with your mind. It's humanly impossible on a pad, and almost impossible with a controller. It's BPM is fucking insane.
I've beaten every song on DDR SuperNOVA, but Fascination MAXX is going to make me kill myself.
by frickinlosers1 March 12, 2011
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