A man so manly that no man may ever match his manliness. A Farva the pirate king can transform raw meat into a delicious meal within minutes. Though he looks fearsome, you'll find that Farva the pirate king is truly a wonderful person. A wonderful person who doesn't know when shits hot. Hey Farva, SHIT'S HOT.
That guy is such a Farva the pirate king, everyone just looves the hell out of him.

That meal almost was as good as what Farva the pirate king makes...but it will never be the same.
by ShitsHotGirl November 02, 2010
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Top Definition
A large male closely resembling a viking in overall appearance. People call him Farva for short. It's a nickname he's had since middle school. Everyone thinks he's so cool and funny, and younger guys practically worship him. He's the most charismatic person you will ever meet. Most people love him, and he's a total womanizer, but to the point of being an asshole. He has sex with anyone that will let him, and NO self control. He'll hit on your girlfriend even if you tell him not to, and he'll ruin a little girl's innocence if it means that he can get some pussy. Whatever you do, DON'T get involved with Farva. You'll just get hurt. He's a cool friend, but nothing more than that.
Oh dude, Farva the pirate king is such a badass. ;)

Everyone loves him, he's such a Farva.

Oh my god, is he making out with michael's girlfriend? He is such a Farva.
by Spacebar_ August 27, 2008

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