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Farty Marty had a party and all the farts were there,
Tutti Fruity laid a beauty and they all went out for air.
Farty Marty had a party, Tutti Fruity let a beauty, and everyone had to go out for air.
by Mick Russom August 07, 2009
1.) someone who is very special to you
2.) a person who likes to fart a lot
3.) a little puppy or dog
"Wassup my farty marty! I love chu a lot!"
by Jamie "pisstang" Smitty December 16, 2003
Most often used to refer to a guy named "Marty" or "Martin" who has a flatulence problem.
At the wedding party, Farty Marty stained his bastedo pants after one of his farts "went too far" & came out a bit runny.
by fifteen minutes September 10, 2004

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