A little bit of stale turd hanging onto your anal hairs.
"No one would rim him because he had a fartleberry or two"
by Edna Sweetlove September 25, 2006
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Although usually meaning a small piece of excrement attached to the hairs of your arse, sometimes known as a Clingon, it can also mean someone who is a minor, smelly, unpleasant nuisance that is sometimes difficult to get rid of.
"Malcolm is monopolising the vending machine again, no-one can get him to move."
"God! what a fartleberry!"
by AKACroatalin March 12, 2015
the small shitlets fired out with a good fart.
oops there goes another one
by tartanbeastie February 15, 2004
The little balls of excrement that cling to anus hairs
I woke up after a three-day bender, went to take a dump, and found a fartleberry patch.
by Noel Ster July 29, 2003

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