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Farter's Remorse is an emotional condition whereby a person feels remorse or regret after a fart.

The most frequent causes of Farter's Remorse are:
a) Great expectations but small flatulations
b) On a date, but the fart can't wait
c) You fear interruption, but have an eruption
d) It smells so bad that your cat dies
e) Shart

Farter's Remorse is typically only temporary, but if left untreated, can lead to other, more serious mental conditions such as Paranoia, Depression, and Schizophrenia.
Typical treatment consists of telling a friend and laughing about it.
Stephen- "Today I had the worst smelling fart of my life and this lady pushed her baby stroller right through it."
Philip- "Farter's Remorse?"
Stephen- "Hell no! I laughed my ass off!"
by Mr. Hainley June 17, 2009

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