Unrestricted power to fart at one's own discretion. Permission to fart freely.
She gave her husband farte blanche to stink up the bedroom.
by Friedlad July 11, 2013
Top Definition
The liberty to pass gas freely without fear of discovery.
Scott: I think we should skip the Mexican food for lunch today, it gives me mad gas and we have to go back to work.
Tom: Come chill with me in the fermentation lab this afternoon. We're growing anaerobes today and the stench is so ripe you'd have farte blanche.
by Iguana Girl September 12, 2005
Having the freedom to fart whenever you want, which men don't have when they are around women.
After scoring with a chick, Robbie never sleeps over because he can't go all night without having farte blanche.
by Robbie Todman June 20, 2016
A light-headedness and pale pallor caused by an adverse reaction to an anal olfactory offence (real rip-snorting air-biscuit) exacerbated holding ones breath for too long to avoid the onslaught to said offence.
It was my turn underneath for a 69. I let one go and when I eventually let him out from under the covers he had such a 'Farte Blanche' that I thought he was going to pass-out!
by Razenby August 29, 2013
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