A fartdouken is a farting technique used to gross out a friend and amuse others. It is performed after the act of a fart by taking both your hands and cupping them directly in your crotch area to scoop up a good amount of gas, then close your hands together and raise up to your mid section in a hadouken pose, then expel into your friends face and yell fartdouken!!
Friend: Dude what's that smell?

You: What? You mean this? Fartdouken!!

Friend: Dude that's gross!

You: Hope you like the taste
*Then laughter proceeds for all, except one.
by Gary Teabags January 25, 2011
Top Definition
Cupping a fresh fart in your hands and throwing it in the manner of a Hadouken.
Mike: "Hey Rob"
Rob: "What?"
by Senor Wang November 20, 2010
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