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A fart so intoxicating that it induces one into a coma. In the worst cases, death is possible.
"oh shit! Billy just fartcomaed himself!"

-"Billy is in a coma"
-"A FartComa..."
by steveypoo April 10, 2008
The resulting gas bomb from Guacamole and Jager Bombs, or perhaps Brocoli. Requires multiple people to form a circle around someone (preferably a new-born baby) and back into it and blast it with gas bomb farts until the baby develops blindness and/or deafness.
"Here's a coupon for 1 free fart coma. I get my buddies over, we do about 20 jager bombs a piece, a lot of guac is involved. Then we back up into it and we just hit the baby with farts until it can’t see or hear.”
by Grundlenuts September 04, 2012
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