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when a couple has anal sex, the male waits for his wife to fart and simultaneously fucks her in the ass, thus punching the fart.
my new girlfriend lets me fart-punch her all the time.
by Brandon2343242432 February 23, 2009
17 7
When you slam your butt on a persons face and then fart
Man you missed it, Mark was on the couch and I just fart punched his face..
by Jimy Bum Man January 07, 2012
4 2
When someone drops a fart of such magnitude that you react as if you were physically punched in the face. Its like being assaulted by death.
I was in the elevator at work and i swear to god Jack delivered a Fart Punch to every one of us in there. I didnt here it coming but when it hit i cried like a little girl that just learned life has consequences.
by King Simmo November 14, 2013
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