Really bad smelling breath.
See morning breath.
1: Whoa! You gotta get rid of that fart breath.
2: That's not my breath.
by Marisela July 25, 2004
Top Definition
Breath that smells so bad, you think someone farted in that persons mouth, then might have actualy taken a shit in it too.
Man that asshole really had Fart breath.
by Overseer April 14, 2005
the meaning is so obvious it doesn't need a definition - someone whose breath is so bad it smells like a fart! Doh!
'Hey fartbreath! Have you ever considered chewing garlic to improve the smell?'
by turkeyshoot November 01, 2006
Shitty stench that eminates from one's mouth; Ba Ba Booey's breath.
Ba Ba Booey has the worst fart breath.
by H. Stern September 24, 2006
A situation that exists when jordan saunders forgets to brush his teeth.
Jordan just walked and talked to me, I'm not going to eat lunch now! I smelled his fart breath.
by eddie masterbaiter August 11, 2008
when lyndsay has one of her uncontollable outbursts and rips a huge fart with poop involved. She loves poop
Oh no i fart breathed again!
by hammy the hampster November 24, 2003
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