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The trail of odor that clings to your pants after a pungent fart. The more powerful the fart wake, the longer the invisible cape of stink billowing behind.
"Don't walk behind me Thomas - you're right in the slipstream of my fart wake."
by lowercase_dave February 03, 2009
The ripple of stench left by a coworker as they walk down the hall, often on their way from the bathroom but frequently just to spread the incriminating evidence.
Stepping out of my cubicle, I encountered a nasty fart wake left by mike down the hall.
by never7 February 04, 2009
the smelly bubble of air surrounding someone who's farted
If we don't leave the table ASAP, we're gonna be stuck here sucking in Grandma's expanding fartwake.
by pedantic99 March 23, 2011
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