Tacos from a fast food joint which upon consumption will result in an inordinate amount of flatuance (farting).
Too late for a regular meal, so we might as well make a trip to the Bell for a case of fart tacos.

by TacoJaun January 18, 2007
Top Definition
A Fart Taco, is received when one individual is eating out another individuals butt hole, or Tossing Salad. During this act, the receiver of the butt eating Flatulates into the eaters mouth, and they ingest the steamy hot gas.
dude, I straight up gave that ho a fart taco!

OOoooo, I love the taste of a Fart Taco
by MG Pizzle March 21, 2007
When a girl is slouching while sitting down and farts, and the fart gets trapped in the vaginal lips. Then the female must wiggle around until the fart bubble escapes. Regularly happens while sitting in cars.
I hope my fart taco doesn't release, I don't want to stink the car up.
by drepow June 13, 2011
When you fart under the covers of your bed and it festers overnight and smells ten times worse in the morning
Man I made a nasty fart taco last night and it stank in the morning
by The orig fart taco September 19, 2013
Name for an unfortunate vagina containing a redirected flatulence (fart)
I used to think she was hot till I opened that fart taco.
by FreddyMcV March 23, 2007
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