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The person in a household who farts the most and has the smelliest and loudest farts.
In our family of five, my mom is the fart star.
by FartQueen April 25, 2011
Noun: Fart Star (fährt-stär)

A large amount of flatulence with a minimum of a 0.05 solar mass, that collapses in upon itself and ignites into a ball of stinky plasma.

Contrary to popular belief methane which would be incapable of becoming a star on its own is actually a minimal ingredient in a fart. A fart mainly consists of Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and Hydrogen which given enough could in fact condense in upon itself and ignite into a star.
According to science it's theoretically possible for a fart star to come out of your ass.
by Human Overth June 18, 2011