Top Definition
A persons ass.
Wow, the fart locker is working overtime today.
by Domenic April 23, 2003
this term has been brought to my attention
as meaning a hot girls ass. Example: check out the fart locker on that bitch!
by bert April 10, 2005
1. Rear-end, tuchus, rump, ass (especially of a woman).
Did you check out the fartlocker on that bitch?
by Miles January 19, 2005
The posterior of a female meant to be derogetory as well as vulgar.
Dude! Check the fart-locker on that broad!
by Spanky McNippleTwist January 23, 2009
The mobile fart locker (n) refers to someone who lives in his motorhome in the winter who is constantly trying to keep the heat in and since he lives alone and all he does is watch porn and fart, the motorhome always reeks of anus and spooge.

There goes that boner Ferrone in his mobile fart locker, I'm glad he beat it so we can invite some chicks over.
by The Boney July 27, 2006
Same as - Dutch Oven. The act of trapping your mate under sheets, blankets or comfortor after farting in them.
I trapped my wife in the fart locker while she gave me a blow job.
by Caliman April 23, 2003
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