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when you grab a fart before you let it out and grab it (like a ball) and throw it in someones face.
i fart balled jim earlier.
by oldspice2008 September 22, 2008
A mythical state of the balls that guys refer to when a girl is giving them head and they fart.
TS. My wife was giving me head yesterday and I blew a nasty SBD. She questioned me about farting and I told her no that must be my smelly Fart Balls.
by Jaehoal J. Owns December 13, 2011
1. the cupping and lifting of one's own flatulence directly into another's face.

2. when a male human being neglects to cleanse his scrotum; leaving a lingering parmesan cheese type odor that is unmistakeably his own.
1. dude, stop throwing your fartballs in my face

2. oh my god becky, it was the worst case of fartballs I have ever smelt in my life.
by oogaboogachoo August 31, 2010
When you see someone heating something in a microwave at work, home or the gas station you cup your hand around your butthole and fart. With the fart trapped in your hand you open the microwave and drop your fart. Some variations have the fartballer screaming FARTBALL at the fartballed. Others live with the quiet satisfaction that only an anonymous fartball can provide.
"I used to hate my boss. Then I started fartballing his afternoon coffee and I feel better."

by i am fartball April 21, 2009
is when a guys balls smells like farts
girl 1: someone told me that larry has fart balls

girl 2: ewww i heard that to and some one told me joe has fart balls too

girl 1: gross
by i 69 doggie style September 02, 2008
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