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A derogatory term for a person who thinks it’s socially acceptable to fart publicly.
Is also loosely used as a substitute for any dumb ass related insult. (see: dumb ass)
“Dude, did you just fart?”
“Yup, he-he.”
“You’re such a fart tard!!”
by detroflem August 31, 2009
One whom acts in a retarded way.
You are such a farttard.
by LF January 30, 2005
The teeny, tiny fart at the end of a long string of ass numbing explosions sounding much like a mentally handicap child.
Dude, I swear, that was the sickest fart tard I've ever heard. It reminded me of your retarded sis, brudda!
by Dan Ballz May 16, 2006