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Suffering from pain in heart due to gases in stomach. As opposed to Heart Attack, it is pain in heart due to gases in stomach.
He is suffering from Fart Attack.
by Sameer Ingole April 09, 2006
A fart attack is a condition in which gasses build up inside of ones intestines and cause stomach and chest pains. The build up of gas is usually due to the inability to release said gas. Fart attacks usually occur in the worst possible situation, such as dinner with the grandparents or a yoga session with the girlfriend and her mother. Fart attacks are dangerous and can lead to random combustion.
Josh: dude!
Me: dude I had the worst fart attack ever last night, my girlfriend made me watch a silent movie with her and her mom!
by BarnacleBill November 11, 2010
n. Involuntary spasms of the colon and rectum resulting in uncontrollable flatulence.
Right as I was about to eat her pussy, she had a fart attack.
by Miryam Websta April 25, 2004
A sickness in which a person, usually a Faraz, in which a person farts nonstop until diarrhea comes out.
Holy crap, Faraz just had a major fartattack during Spanish class.
by Waxley1337 August 03, 2009
When one attacks another with farts.
1: What are doing?
2: Nothing.
1: Don't come any closer! I mean it!
2: Here you go!
1: Aaaahhhh! Fart attack!!
by Marisela July 25, 2004
when one has multiple violent farts in a single sitting
gee patrick you just had a fart attack
by the fart king September 07, 2010
When you release such a large volume of gas when you fart that it creates a vacuum and sucks out your insides out your butthole.
That was the biggest fart I have ever heard.

Yea the guy had a fart attack afterwards.
by Jacobs319 March 26, 2011
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