A Fart so terrible that it actually had to have been pushed through the middle of a terd on its way out.
Holy Shit what A Farsh!, that one must have been pushed straight through the middle if a terd!
by kysldr August 14, 2009
Top Definition
The most awesome a person can possibly be. People usually say the best looking person in the world.
"Dude, he's so farsh!" Hey good looking.!
by i can't tell you! November 22, 2012
A clumsy, destructive act that leaves a permanent reminder of its occurrance. This occurs when an accident prone person is around objects that can leave indellible stains or are fragile and cannot be repaired.
You just farshed a red slurpee all over my carpet. I just had that cleaned.

Did you just farsh my brand new camera? Aw, man, it's totally destroyed.
by Unrulystench October 21, 2011
Derived from an Antarctic fisherman in 1932. A farsh is when one commences taking a shit, and a little fart comes out.
This morning I was on the toilet sharting, when I noticed that I also Farshed! Ah shit-a!
by Andy the Antarctic Fisherman December 25, 2004
1. (From Russian) Adj. Worthless, Broken, Useless. Originally "Ground Meat".

2. Colloquial Hebrew: Embarassing, Lame; "...with an F" - to differentiate from the antonym Pharsh

3. Hebrew Stoner Slang: a. Filler, specifically the Tobacco mixed in to Hash or Weed for the purpose of rolling a Joint or filling a bowl; b. Shwag, the leftovers or dregs from a baggie.

1. That is one Farsh toaster I just bought.

2. Man, you really looked Farsh, getting dissed by that bitch. Farsh with an F, that is.

3a. This is some strong shit, so I mixed it 70/30 with Farsh.
3b. - How about some of that killer hydro you told me about? - Too late Man, all I got left is Farsh.
by Avanator August 26, 2007
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