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Farrukh is a Persian name of a male, meaning HAPPY, FORTUNATE, LUCKY, BEAUTIFUL, etc.
He is so farrukh!
by Gravitino April 22, 2010
1.A Pimp ok, a Pimp, very cool person, a playa n he ma frend he d best u na wa i mean. he hellaaaaa tite and good at BBALL and likes A_____ca and is Muslim!
My friend. who is Farrukh and he a pimp.

Guy(guy sayin to farrukh but doesn't know it is him): Ay retard who d hec are u!
Farrukh(Comes toward guy):
Guy: Oh shit, its Farrukh(shakes hand), my bad man i thought u waz someone else. Man I'm Sorry.
Farrukh: It's cool man. It Happens. ITE PEACE!
by Farrukh January 31, 2008
Farrukh is like having the "Look At Me Syndrome" which is a mental obsessive/compulsive disorder characterized by persistent and unremittant talking about oneself and desperate bids for attention and/or fame.Its a person who tries to sound cool by issuing statements in disagreement with the popular lifestyle and sticks by them eg Ufone is good
A person who cannot stop thinking about themselves, and constantly reminds all others around them of their good qualities.His self portrait adorns every wall in their own abode. A legend in their own mind
A very farrukh boy : “I'm not farrukh, I'm just awesome”

man did u hear what he just said
sunita marshall is hot
man..what a farrukh!
by qwer September 23, 2006
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