A gorgeous, fun-loving female who lights up every room she chooses to grace with her presence.
That Farren sure is hot.

Hey Farren, it sure isn't a party without you!
by el don juan de santiago October 19, 2010
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She is the devil and she's coming for you.
Oh sweet baby jesus! I hope Farren doesn't eat my babies!
by bonchay July 10, 2008
A dangerous tall female from North America. Makes loud screeching noises when disturbed and hides under stairs. She hates work and is a total gold digger, most likely going to marry a old man with salty balls.
"Omg she is going to turn into a total farren."

"My wife is such a Farren"
by Mcikcole December 15, 2007
The desecrator of the female gender.
Dude... that guy's definitely a Farren. No wonder he gets all the chicks.
by Deuce766r57 May 24, 2010

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