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Thanks to MTV giving her fame on Teen Mom, this slut is hungry for attention and tries to get a fame-worthy career but is obviously failing. She has a sex tape and claims the guy in it is her boyfriend but that's a total lie because he's a famous porn star and he already debunked the myth. But she'll never give up –she'll always have a trashy pointless way of getting attention. She made a music video bashing her haters in a grossly autotuned song. Other singers do that too but you should know there's a problem when that's the FIRST music video she has.
Person I: Look at Farrah Abraham trying to get attention.

Person II: Oh no, what now?

Person I: I'm talking about the crappy music video. She has no talent but she's getting all these views…

Person II: Meh, no matter how many views she gets, it'll never compare to the number of sex partners she's had.
#slut #pregnant #mtv #teen #whore
by pigeonVSstatue September 22, 2015
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