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The article of clothing worn by fat women in lieu of a sweater. It's too big to be a shawl...it can be most accurately described as a fabric tarp.
Is that a king size comforter? No, that's Big Bertha's farp.
by thekracken August 16, 2011
To produce a burp that smells like a fart.
"Dude, that is sick. Was that you?"
"Yeah, sorry, it was a farp"
by acl551 May 10, 2009
a farp is when someone burps and farts at the same time, can often happen accidentally or purposefully

farpers should be held in great regard for the skill required to co-ordinate different bodily noises
"After drinking a soda and having mexican food for dinner Jon was rather gaseous and farped many times."
by mitchelodian January 17, 2008
to fart and fap at the same time.
Person A: Duuude, I was totally fapping to some porn, but i totally farped in the middle of it.

Person B: Awkward.
by derpherpcherp89 July 06, 2011
A sharp fart wher it may result in 3 or more stitches! In some cases it may sound sore but its not, for the unlucky ones it may not sound sore but it is - worse case scenario u may hear the rippin sound.
Heather: pheowwwrr courtney: did u just do ah ?heather interupps yes courtney yes i just done a farp. Courtney oh are u okay ? heather : no i think i may need stitches
by Annie Heather Courtney October 22, 2009
To fart and burp at the same time
Man, after that garlic pizza last night, I let a farp and I couldn't tell which end smelled worse!
by Qwizzlestick March 29, 2010
A synonym to the more common term "sharting," the sum of shitting and farting.
fart + poop = farp
can be used as a noun or a verb
"Shit man, I think I just farped my dress."

"Dude, I just farped so hard that my butt fell out!"
by girlsdontp00p May 06, 2012