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The masses that live in Farnworth, a place where loosers go to die, like an elephants graveyard.
Some families in Farnworth think they are the mafia, when really they are more like the Waltons....soft, eco-friendly (cos they never wash) and hillbillies.
Most of these families own pubs, and are BIG time hayseeds.
Farnworthians are the lowest of the low, and would sell their own grannies, for the price of a pint. (or a half pint) depending on how desperate they are for a bevvy!!
Farnworthians use phrases like..."shall we try one" "lets have a latch lifter" and "are we having a couple" when they are desperado's for a alcoholic drink.
Drink/cigs/drugs all come before kids in this hell-hole of a town.
Even the pitt-bull terriers go round in two"s for health and safety reasons.
by fiesty August 09, 2007
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