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A small white trash town filled with wanna be hillbillies and the occasional suburban wanksta.The residents of this and the neighboring town(Germantown)share a school district(Valley View).The residents are mainly low income idiots who like to reproduce and keep the idiocy within the area.You shouldn't go there it is a horrible place to live let alone visit.The appalling reality of their mindless ignorance is saddening.This town makes hopes of an advanced future something hard to grasp.DO NOT approach the locals most of them have loaded shotguns racked up in their four wheel drives.Slicker saucing is a ritual where they abduct you at gunpoint grease your ass and let a mule go at with your rump while they drink corn liquor,listen to Country music, and laugh at your misfortune.
I got slicker sauced in Farmersville (Ohio) last night
by Shameful wonky slapper June 27, 2011
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