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A sexual act. A woman/man performs oral sex on a farm animal while taking a dump on another\'s chest.
Jane got a farmer brown from Heather and her dog Rex.
by Robbie Roo April 26, 2005
(n) A common type of math word problem, usually a simple algebra problem involving lengths of fencing.
This is an example of a farmer brown:
Farmer Brown wants to fence off a rectangular pen using the side of his barn as one side of the pen. If the barn is 300 feet long, and Farmer Brown has 1200 feet of fencing material, what are the lengths of the other sides and what is the area enclosed?
by Heptune May 11, 2005
To preform anal sex with an animal
Billy: he dad isn't that puppy in the window cute?
Dad: yeah id give it a Farmer Brown!
by Boyo411 September 14, 2007