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A college with a few smart people, and a metric ton of tards who communicate in primitive grunts.
Smug smart people can't help but laugh.
Also, there are only 3 girls.
The tards will one day be fired from Mcdonalds and commit suicide age 31. The smart people will be smart.
Farleigh college Person 1: Okay, let's go to the lesson.
Josh Mickleson: AAAWAWAO!
Person 2: WTF!
Person 1: Hell, he's stupid.
Person 3: Hey, lets talk about interesting stuff!
Person 2: Yay.
Guy: Damn, i'm so bored. no one to do...
Guy 1: Don't you mean something, not someone?
Guy: No, someone.
Cool guy: I don't wanna sit in the hetero chair.
High pitched guy: i find that very ofensive.
Jerk: Shut up. GTFO.
Smart people: Bleh. at least we'll have qualifiocations.
by Bobberybobbob July 05, 2011
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