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An obsessive facebook liker who makes other people feel supermegafoxyawesomehot by "liking" everything that person posts; whether it be a picture, a little story, or a video link.

To be Farjana'd:
When one writes a post on facebook about something pertaining to their Fandom, (usually the Harry Potter, Starkid, or Glee Fandoms) and a person "likes" it within seconds. Often, a person will be Farjana'd when many of his or her posts or comments are "liked" in succession, one after the other.

To Farjana:
To obsessively (with love) like everything that another person posts on facebook, seconds after they post it.
I just Farjana'd you by liking your wall post and then liking every single comment under it!

You have been Farjana'd!

There's this one Farjana on the StarKidPotter fan page, and we love her.
by LessthanthreePotter February 21, 2011
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