Fariba means charming, a woman who has a power of pleasing and attracting men as through her beauty, personality and sexuality.

Fariba is bewitching; she enchants men with her extraordinary beauty.

She can attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality.

She will arouse the interest or curiosity of others with her allure.

Fariba is sensual and has voluptuous body. She has big brown eyes, dark long curly hair and she will turn heads by her striking beauty.
1-he is totally fascinated by Fariba

2-he is bewitched by Fariba's beauty

3-fariba's beauty is phenomenal

4-Fariba is the Goddess

5-He is completely smitten with Fariba
by PersianBeauty January 28, 2011
Top Definition
Ferreal, or for real. Meaning in agree, or can be used to question seriousness.
John: Sonja's got a nice ass
Francis: Fariba though
by SwanheadSmasher1 August 16, 2012
1. The hottest Persian girl you'll ever see in your life.

2. Hott (note: two t's)
1. Dude, I just saw a Fariba!

2. I want to fuck that Fariba girl.
by Fariba February 23, 2004
Fariba is an IT woman in SHBU
Fariba is going to school every day.
by telescope August 25, 2009
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