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The most awesome guy in the world.. When he passes by girls go like - Fuck Yeah! He rocks my world.. I look at him i go DAAAAAAAAAIIIMMMMMM... ummmmmpfff..

He is tall fair and handsome.. AKA "SEXY"

During sex.. he goes once.. he goes twice.. he goes thrice.. n then he keeeeeeeeeeeeppssss going..
Girl 1: F*#$ last night I got with this guy Farhang and DUDE!! i jus kept going uummmmpfffff aaaaaaaahhhhhh... he left me love stoned man....

Girl 2: :O I need a Farhang in my life! :(
by Sheila KI Jawani April 04, 2011
A guy who lasts for seven seconds and at times cannot get hard. Guy is likened to douche bags who wears sunglasses in clubs. He is secretly in love with men. Acts like a player but has no game.
Girl 1: Ugh last night I was out with the loser named Farhang...he had a mangina and lasted seven seconds.
Girl 2: Man his name should be far-from-hung!
by Deniseisyourlover September 24, 2008
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