A cool Midwestern city in North Dakota, and is the largest city in its respective, previously-mentioned state. The city isn't a bad place at all, in fact, there is plenty of evidence to convince people that it isn't.
First of all, Fargo, ND had a population of just over 60,000 in 1981. Now, more than two decades later, the city's total population has soared to well over 90,000. If Fargo was so horrible, I don't believe it's population would keep steadily climbing.
Secondly, Fargo has plenty of access and transportation. With the Hector International Airport and the small metropolis' location along Interstates 29 and 94, the city is easy to get to.
There are also plenty of attractions, including , a historical village in West Fargo, horse ranches (see also dude ranch), a musuem dedicated to flight and aircraft, the Roger Maris Baseball Musuem, the Thunder Road Family Fun Park, the Red River Zoo, and the Red River Valley Speedway (Stock Car racing), as well as the FARGODOME, an all-purpose exhibit hall and arena that features numerous concerts with well-known bands, festivals, circuses, and several sporting events.
Fargo also has plenty of shopping centers and malls, especially with the ones in the adjacent sister city of Moorhead, Minnesota. The largest of all of these Fargo malls is the West Acres Shopping Center with over 120 stores and a massive food court. The second largest is Southpointe Mall with 18 stores and is newly-built.
Fargo, in my opinion, as well as those many others, is an awesome city, and sounds like a great place to raise a family.
I would love to go visit Fargo someday.
by The Midwestrn Soldier March 22, 2005
A way to refer to a women you find attractive without being conspicuous.
I like the ending of Fargo but not the begginning.
(Meaning you like back side but not the front)

Did you see Fargo at 11 o'clock today?
(Meaning attractive women is in the direction of 11 o'clock)

Have you seen the sequel to Fargo?
(meaning you see 2 attractive women)
by garrro01 December 13, 2011
An eastern North Dakota town that loses thousands of young every year due to its lack of entertainment and scenery. Many who live in Fargo are ego-centric and self-centered republicans who think they live in the best city in the country. Full of mass amounts of alcoholics, as the only thing to do in the city is drink. Fargo will cause depression if not left. Also, full of posers of all genre.
Dude, Lets go drink man in downtown fargo man. Alright! Lets go get plowed and drive around in my loud truck listening to my rap/country mix cd.
by Kranston Leaflet September 26, 2009
Fargo is a 1996 film by the Coen Brothers (Joel & Ethan Coen) about a car salesman named Jerry Lundegaard who has his wife kidnapped, getting his father-in-law to pay the ransom, and using that money to build a parking lot. The plan spirals out of control, involving several murders committed by various people. One of the most famous scenes involves one of the kidnappers feeding his accomplice through a woodchipper.

Fargo takes place mostly in the Minnesota city of Brainerd; the movie has become famous for its use of the quirky Minnesotan accent and the beautifully photographed snow landscapes. It is considered one of the best movies of the 90's and appears in film critic Roger Ebert's list of Great Movies.
Fargo is one of the best dark comedies ever made! Oddly enough, only one scene in the entire movie takes place in Fargo, Minnesota.
by Jerry Lundegaard August 11, 2007
Any act where someone doesn't think first, resulting in looking like a complete idiot.
That was so Fargo!
by Goobledeegook December 07, 2010
It the Largest city in North Dakota where every summer at the end up July, thousands for wrestlers come form around the counrty to compete in Nationals. They run all over town in layers of sweats just trying to lose a pound in the 95 degree weather. there are a lot of bugs too. But Guys and girls compete. Its has to be the biggest thing to hit fargo.
Fargo is in only two days and I still have to lose 13 pounds!
by Golden Bowl August 15, 2006
A wonderful city in the Upper Midwest. It is the county seat of Cass County, as well as the largest city in the state of North Dakota. The city is not really bad at all, as there are many other far worse and dangerous places in this country. The jackass who called it a shithole in his definition obviously implies that the city is horrible, but he is very wrong.
Fargo is a great city. That must be why it had a movie made about it.
by Radical Republican March 22, 2005

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