Fardosa means paradise ,

the beuty of the world

honest and just the greatses person anybody can now .

Down to earth.
Fardosa is a lovely,beautiful, sweet girl that has a lot going for her.

Very loveable a charitable person.

Has that personality that we all want being able to be cool and funny at the same time.

Known as the loud funny girl that everybody loves, a good friend when someone's down she's the one that lifts there sprites.

Not judgemental and gives everybody a change.

Fardosa known who she wants to be friend with and who she Doesn't.

Doesn't try hard to get attention from boys she's every simple in the makeup she wares or doesn't wear makeup at all.

Doesn't care about what's she looks like if she wanted to look beautiful she would blow you away.

A very cool person

It would be a big mistake losing a friends like Fardosa
by Rihanna bells November 01, 2013

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