The Indian Middle Class
The Farce has instigated a sham called the Indian Anti Corruption Drive.

Antonym: The Real India
by Classless Indian August 18, 2011
The 2005 United States Grand Prix.
With only six cars competing in the event, the race had become a total farce.
by sparkle June 19, 2005
Means something which is aggravating and annoying, something unpleasant and which has gone wrong.

Like when someone says "what a joke."
Josh: They left without you
Jess: What a f**king farce!
by wetmorewetmore April 08, 2008
falsehood, like Punda. Referring to rolling around on yoga balls but not actually using them.
Do you know that girl Punda? She's such a farce.

boy1:What did you do this weekend?
Punda:I rolled around on my new yoga ball :D!

by Brett-A-GoGo January 26, 2007

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