To do something that isn't really necessary.
A child in a furniture shop touching everything that is in sight. Mum might say "why are you being farce for?" Meaning that the child is touching things which he doesn't need to be touching.

You are in town and there is a random guitar on the floor so you decide to pick it up and try and play it. Friend says "you're so farce". Meaning that you're extra because you didn't have to pick it up when there was no need.
by That person you may know February 26, 2013
Top Definition
1.a broadly humorous play based on the exploitation of improbable situations
2.the genre of comedy represented by works of this kind
3.a ludicrous situation or action
"man, this is a fucking farce,im going home and goin to sleep"
by eric October 22, 2003
Means something which is aggravating and annoying, something unpleasant and which has gone wrong.

Like when someone says "what a joke."
Josh: They left without you
Jess: What a f**king farce!
by wetmorewetmore April 08, 2008
A salad containing more than 3 separate components
Person 1: "What you eating for dinner?"
Person 2: "A Salad"
Person 1: "Oh, what's it got in it?"
Person 2: "Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato and Celery"
Person 1: "Bro, that's a farce..."
Person 2: "Oh shit! You're right!!"
by Real Slim Shady November 14, 2013
A militant Maoist anti-government organization of clowns in Colombia. A splinter group from the better known FARC, FARCE began as a Maoist organization that sought to promote more rights for the country's large yet systematically ignored clown population. They have been heavily criticized by animal rights groups and others for their use of militarized balloon animals. Usually, other Colombians just laugh at them for having such large red shoes.
by SLCThunk February 14, 2009
The Indian Middle Class
The Farce has instigated a sham called the Indian Anti Corruption Drive.

Antonym: The Real India
by Classless Indian August 18, 2011
To be stupid or irritating, which is unfortunate as the people who use this word are stupid/irritating as they use this word incorrectly, thus giving it a different meaning.
Shola: *invariably stupid comment*
Whitney: *proves Shola wrong*
by I'mthebedintruder[notreally] August 14, 2011
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