One who uses racial comments to people who arent that race.
That guy is a farbod he just called that white guy a nigger.
by master February 25, 2005
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Farbod is an ancient Persian figure known to be the keeper or protector of glory. The name dates back to before the Arabic invasion of the Persian Empire. Many Iranian families gave this name to their male children after the Iranian Revolution as a statement of resistance to the Islamic regime.
What's your name? Farbod
by Iamthebestofthebest January 07, 2011
What you call a cross between a ninja/iron chef/mad scientist/surgical god

So, in the middle of brain surgery he was able to take out half the Russian army with ninja stars, discover 10 new major pathways, cure every cancer, and cook a five-course meal. What a f***ing farbod.
by rarararararara December 10, 2010
an Iranian bad dude that loves Terrel Owens and who plays badminton
come in for dinner farbod
by g unit March 01, 2005
Insult meaning an extremely skinny peroson.
Shut the hell up you Farbod
by Robert'izzle August 13, 2004
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