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Origin of Name: Ancient Persian/Arabic/Hebrew for "Glory"

A very smart and creative guy with a kickass six-pack and sense of humour.
"Wow! I love him, he's such a Faran!"
by Asteroid-Man February 26, 2009
Refers to a very mysterious, very beautiful, blonde woman. Farans usually have many mysteries and secrets and like to keep people on their toes. They are unique as their name is. One can find a Faran in any place in the world as Farans often seek adventure in foreign lands and new places. Farans are very seductive using their eyes confidence and accents to lure men. Farans are more likely than not heartbreakers but are known for their undying love and loyalty to one man in a lifetime, and have been known to have broken hearts themselves. Farans have the need to feel free. If you let one do her own thing she will most likely return to you, but the more controlled and caged she feels the further she'll fly away from you.
Marilyn Monroe was such a faran in her day.

That faran is one lion I'd love to tame. *rawr
by faran October 11, 2013
Some random who constantly tries to ask you out in what he thinks are really casual ways. And you finally think you've turned him down enough times that he'll take the hint. and then BAM "wanna go mini golfing?"
no faran, no i do not.
He remembers everything that's ever slipped out during conversation to the point where you start giving him false information in case he's writing it down in his dayplanner and saving it for further stalkage.
Shane: "Am i creeping you out? I wouldn't wanna pull a Faran."
by Frenchie&Pete February 22, 2009

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