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a homosexual male named michael
hey, let's get that farage and kick his ass
by kelly e g February 22, 2008
To masturbate in an angry and confused way using unconventional stimuli.
Mark's Wife was furious when she caught him having a farage over a picture of Ann Widdecombe.
by A day spent Faraging October 23, 2013
(Voted for as part of Mark Thomas 100Acts, pronounced to rhyme with garage e.g. Fah-Ridge)- Noun: the liquid found at the bottom of a bin/trashcan/wheelie bin.
Oh no, I was putting out the bin bags and one ripped & my foot got soaked in evil smelling, slimy farage.
by RickBTenPercent May 16, 2014
Optical illusion seen in the political wilderness, that makes you believe you can see a long term career
He had been in the political wilderness for years, then he could see the top job come in to view

It turned out to be a farage
by jiggggly March 15, 2014
That self conscious pleasure shown by an hungry urban fox when he happens upon a pool of some drunks vomit.
Checking the beer-cans after the party, Brian found himself fuill of farage as the cigarette butt slipped down his throat.
by Grimsstar February 04, 2014
Alternate spelling of the Malaysian word "faraj", which means "vagina".
She shaved the hair from around her farage.
by Skiamakhos May 11, 2014
A very very VERY rich man who enjoys flashing his cash and frequently says "I'm a Farage you can't do that to me"
A man walks up to The Farage and asks if he has any money he can borrow.
The farage then replies of course i have money im a farage, we are brought up in wealth. how much do you want £1000, £2000 or would you prefer it in caviar?

by Professor Popadom March 02, 2007
A sex act similar to the act of roughage, but passive, and involving bank clerks.
M'lud, the prosecution will show that the defendant, on the night of December 10th, did indeed engage in an act of farage - and that he was moreover no stranger to the practice of faraging.
by Pipe Downn June 21, 2011