An adjective, used to describe a person (usually a woman) who is so dayum finnee they elicit instant horniness in the observer.
Woman: How do I look in this dress.

Man: You look absolutely fapulous-I mean fabulous.
by louiepalooza December 13, 2010
Word used to describe something so amazingly great that you would start fapping furiously.
Megan: These cookies are fapulous

Lee: I know, I would fap to them
by MrBunBun January 04, 2013
When you masturbate and it feels fabulous.
E.g: i just masturbated and it was fapulous.
by LemonCunt June 22, 2016
Something so fabulous that you have to masturbate to it
"Have you seen Jessica tonight, she looks so fapulous I had a tent in my pants!"
by Masaginist April 24, 2016
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